Co-Curricular Events:



A full induction program  is arranged for new students to help them settle in at SECAB. The range of activities include welcome talks by Director, Principal, Senior Staff and opportunity to meet your seniors


Each semester, first year students kick-start their extracurricular activities with Freshers’ Day”, a vibrant presentation of talent and spirit in cultural performances. It is also a stress free ice-breaker for new students and helps them form cultural links and sensible bonding on a multi cultural campus.


The Achievers Day celebrates the potential and achievements of students at SECAB ,in every sphere of interest. Every achiever is awarded a certificate of recognition, for academic and extracurricular activities. In short, the Achievers Day, is a celebration of life’s meaningful moments.


Farewell will celebrate success at the end of six grueling semesters of intense study and acquisition of skills. It will be a time to reflect on achievements,strengthen, friendships, graciously acknowledge your alma mater.


To facilitate the distant yet warm cords of bonding between students who have graduated and moved on the portals of SECAB, an alumni club has been constituted. It convenes once a year and is a vital link between students, their companions and the institution.